Steer your future. There is nothing like Peace of Mind For You and Your Family

You can’t always predict where the twists and turns of life will lead you. At Jeffords Insurance Agency, we can help smooth out the bumps along the road of life, anticipating your needs and preparing you for the future. With decades of experience, we can safely guide you through the twist and turns of life. Our team is devoted to helping every client find insurance that is molded to their individual needs.

Let Jeffords Insurance Agency help steer your future in the right direction and provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Smart Insurance Solutions

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Life Insurance

So, why is life insurance so important? It will help aid your family financially in an untimely death. Life changes and costs after an unexpected passing can be detrimental to loved ones.

Jeffords Insurance Agency is here to make sure that each individual in your family is taken care of. Protect your family, yourself, and your life.


Retirement Coverage

With all the uncertainty in Social Security these days, it is important to start preparing for retirement early. You'll still need a way to support yourself when you choose to stop working.

Enjoy your golden years by saving now. See how Jeffords Insurance Agency can help.